EEG and ERP Analytics

  • Standard Data Cleaning and Pre-processing

    • Digital filters
    • Artifact rejection
    • Re-referencing or linear derivation
    • Segmentation by time or event
    • Ensemble averaging and SNR computation
    • Measurement
  • Peak amplitude and latency

    • AUC or average amplitude in windows
    • Power or amplitude spectra in standard EEG bands
    • Custom EEG bands
    • Derived measures including spectral ratios, spectral centroids
    • Coherence analysis
  • Advanced Data Cleaning and Pre-processing

    • Custom filtering, band rejection, comb filters
    • Complex demodulation of steady-state EP
    • Parametric/non-parametric spectrum estimation
    • EOG, EMG, or EKG artifact reduction using ICA or wavelet denoising
  • Latent Variable Analysis

    • Principal components or factors in time or frequency domains
    • Partial least squares regression
    • Kernel-partial least squares regression
    • Parallel factor analysis and Tucker decomposition
    • N-way decomposition and modeling
  • Brain Vision Analyzer Templates and Macros

Custom Programming

  • Psychopy programming of human ERP paradigms (e.g., P300, MMN, go no/go, attention network tests, CDA, N2PC)

  • BCI2000 programming for Brain-computer interfaces

  • Custom Programming in Python, C, C++

  • Automated computation of experimental or clinical trial end points for ERP and EEG tests using high-throughput MATLAB or python codes

  • Novel signal- or data processing algorithm design and evaluation

  • Custom Programming in Matlab

Statistical Analysis of Experiments

  • ANOVA, MANOVA, univariate tests

  • Multiple regression analysis

  • Parametric and non-parametric statistics

  • Exploratory data analysis

  • SPSS, SAS and MATLAB statistics software

  • Statistical Analysis Plans for Clinical Trials

Machine Learning Applications

  • Neural networks

  • Classification using SVM, KPLS, CART

  • Cluster analysis

  • Unsupervised learning with PCA, PARAFAC, PLS

System Development and Testing

  • Evaluation of design criteria for human brain electrophysiology systems

  • Physical system testing including timing accuracy and data validation

  • Assembly of system components and integration with computers

  • Provisioning of systems and creation of software installers for mass deployment

  • On-site or remote support for system testing, trouble-shooting or routine data collection

Scientific Management, Writing and Reporting

  • Support for new R&D proposals

  • Writing and reviewing of scientific and technical presentations and journal articles

  • Partnering and management for R&D programs

  • Documentation of procedures and software for regulatory applications or user manuals