About us

Founded in 2003, Pacific Development & Technology is an international scientific services company that provides advanced biomedical computing solutions for government and industry clients. From our offices in Silicon Valley and Europe, our scientists and engineers have supported cutting-edge research, development, and computing requirements of many government agencies, businesses, non-profits, and universities (see our Client/Partner List for details).

Our current focus is on the development of scalable automated systems for acquisition and analysis of human brain electrophysiology for clinical trials of novel drugs and for the assessment of mild traumatic brain injury. Systems and methods that we developed are in use by Pfizer, Inc. for the assessment of new drugs to treat schizophrenia. A secondary focus is on high-throughput analysis of brain electrophysiology from Phase 1 clinical trials for safety, tolerability and pharmacodynamics of novel neuroactive compounds.

We also perform cutting-edge research on modeling, measurement and classification of human brain electrophysiological data. Current projects include development of whole brain time-frequency analysis for assessment of change in brain function after an injury or a treatment. One study is using WBTF to assess concussion effects young athletes in partnership with Neuro Assessment Systems and the Mayo Clinic. Another study, in partnership with Pfizer Inc. and Neuro Assessment Systems is using WBTF to assess the effect of a cholinergic agonist on restoration of memory function in healthy elderly subjects and in patients with dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease.

We excel at novel concept development and rapid prototyping of signal processing, analysis, classification, modeling and machine learning algorithms. Our team also has extensive experience in designing and developing real-time data acquisition and processing systems. Our physical assets include state-of-the-art software development tools for algorithm development, physical office and laboratory facilities, high-speed business intranet with dedicated servers and multiple workstations, and secure off-site and on-line computing facilities.

In addition to these assets, we have rich corporate knowledge in physical and biological sciences with extensive experience in and applications to the assessment of human behavioral, medical, neurological, and cognitive function. Our Success Stories page lists several examples of prior projects and professional information for team members.

Pacific Development & Technology is registered as a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of California and is registered in the Federal System for Award Management database and the Small Business Administration. Our Online Representations and Certifications for Federal grants and contracts are on file with and may be listed on the System for Award Management website using our DUNS number. We have a DCAA-approved accounting system for acceptance of DOD grants and contracts. Our contracting and business codes are:

DUNS number: 118562409
CAGE Code: 51P01
NAICS Code (primary): 541712